Development & Support


My holistic approach to learning has prepared me to identify and cater to students from diverse historically disadvantaged backgrounds. At the beginning of the year, my team engages in proactive advising, so the prompt identification of at-risk students leads to timely and necessary intervention. I do my best to understand the emotional makeup of my students and try to cater to their emotional reactions. This coupled with my ability to establish a genuine and positive rapport, my willingness to be relatable and understanding, and strong interpersonal skills with current and passed students allows me to advise and mentor my students.

I assist my students with a variety of needs that range from academic advice for my course and other courses; advising on financial, social, relational and personal matters; sharing information of vacancies, scholarships, assisting them to drafting CV’s; preparing them for interviews; drafting reference letters; directing them to the relevant centers on campus that can assist them with literacy, physiological, financial and housing needs to mention a few. I realize that a little time spent having motivational conversations goes a long way, as this encourages my students to keep working. Even after my students have left my class, I keep an eye on their progress and maintain a good relationship with them by continuing my advising and mentoring role to ensure their success.

My role as an Enactus (a community of students, academics and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform communities) Academic Advisor gave me the opportunity to influence my students’ social and cultural experience while also enhancing their soft skills. This platform played a crucial part in educating my students to become future successful business leaders who will contribute to the economy. But also helped me to grow and understand students better.